NextPlat Launches New E-Commerce Development Program Enabling Florida-Based Businesses to Quickly Access Global International Markets in Asia

Program to Leverage NextPlat's Global Capabilities and Partnerships to Help Businesses Reach Millions of New Potential International Customers

COCONUT GROVE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 4, 2023 / NextPlat Corp (NASDAQ:NXPL, NXPLW) ("NextPlat" or the "Company"), a global e-commerce provider today announced that it is launching the first in a series of new e-commerce development programs designed to assist businesses in expanding their existing online sales capabilities to reach new international customers in the Chinese market.

Launching in April, the initial program, in coordination with local chambers of commerce, will help Florida-based businesses and manufacturers market and sell their products to potentially millions of new customers. The new development program features NextPlat's turnkey global e-commerce solution for customers and leverages NextPlat's relationships with key partners, including one of the world's largest and most successful e-commerce platforms.

"We are excited to launch the first in what we expect will be a series of e-commerce development programs next month here in Miami. These programs will allow us to directly engage and collaborate with other Florida-based businesses who wish to tap into the vast potential of global e-commerce. Together with our partners, we believe we can help local businesses of all kinds quickly grow their online revenues by tapping into millions of new international customers," said Charles M. Fernandez, Executive Chairman and CEO of NextPlat.

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About NextPlat Corp

NextPlat is a global e-commerce platform company created to capitalize on multiple high-growth sectors and markets for physical and digital assets. The Company intends to collaborate with businesses, optimizing their ability to sell their goods online, domestically, and internationally, and enabling customers and partners to optimize their e-commerce presence and revenue. NextPlat currently operates an e-commerce communications services division through its Global Telesat Communications Ltd and Orbital Satcom Corp business units that offer voice, data, tracking, and IoT services to customers worldwide through multiple global storefronts.

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